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If you are facing a divorce in Northern Virginia, turn to the Law Offices of SRIS P.C. Northern Virginia divorce lawyers for help.

Given the proportion of married divorce, a person may be affected to some extent by dismissal or divorce. Unorganized marriages usually involve property rights and financial issues, especially when it comes to children who may trigger complex legal issues.

For applying for divorce case in Northern Virginia, at least one spouse must live in Virginia for six months before the husband can apply for divorce in the state. If you live in Virginia for at least six months, the military personnel must meet your residency requirements, including on the Port of Virginia ship under the control of a federal agency in Virginia, the Air Force, the Navy, or a military base. Armed forces outside the United States can live in Virginia for six months and then diplomatic missions begin to meet their housing needs.

Divorce according to law in Virginia can be divided into two categories: fault and no fault.In order to get divorced in Virginia for no reason, you and your spouse must live together (without a common life) for at least a year. You can only stay for six months if you do not have minor children and have a valid separation agreement.

  • However, fault based divorces in Virginia include the following conditions that lead to divorce:
  • Adultery or any other sexual activity (especially homosexuality or sodomy)
  • He was fined and sentenced to at least one year in prison
  • Were deliberately abandoned or abandoned
  • Reasonable fear of physical injury.

Every ground error requires very specific evidence, and there must be some defensive measures. For example, criminal couples who voluntarily live with the husband of the convicted person will not be able to file a divorce on these grounds after a felony or an illegal act. Although the complexity is more than just separation, neglected evidence can in some cases affect the division or maintenance of matrimonial assets. If you think it might be helpful to choose the wrong place in your case, contact a divorce lawyer for advice.

If your situation is very simple, you and your wife agree that you can represent yourself, which is called “Pro”. If you decide to represent yourself, the judge wants you to follow the same rules that the lawyers must follow. However, the situation is more complex, such as emotional guards or complex financial analysis. Even simple cases require legal documents and settlement agreements, preferably with experience.

Therefore, it is always better to obtain legal advice because decisions made at the time of divorce will have significant long-term consequences that may not be clear. Even if you agree with everything, you and your spouse can not use the same divorce lawyer.

The Virginia Court System maintains a list of circuit courts in Virginia that contains background information, including the court clerk’s telephone number and e-mail address. The current cost of filing a petition for divorce in Virginia, including services for sheriffs, is generally not more than $ 100. With many other words as well which are no other then verities.