Reckless driving violation is among the most serious crimes in Henrico, Virginia. This crime is dealt very strictly in Virginia and can result in serious punishment. The drivers in Henrico are mostly well aware of the traffic rules and responsibilities on the road. But on the other hand, many of the drivers are well aware that violation of the speed limit might lead to criminal charges and fine. Some people think that if they are guilty of traffic violation they will only be charged a speeding ticket. The reckless drive is one serious offense and the offender is strictly punished because this offense can cause severe accidents and even death. The charge for reckless driving is a Class 1 misdemeanor and according to the law of Henrico, Virginia, the crimes of class 1 are the crimes of the most serious level of a misdemeanor.

Reckless driving lawyer in Henrico, Virginia is always ready and prepared to defend the accused of a reckless driving violation and defend you against this criminal charge and will surely provide you with complete guidance and will fight to help you avoid every sort of conviction. The offenders if found convicted of the traffic violation are most likely to face strict legal charges and penalties. In addition to this, the driving license of the offender might also be canceled and this offense will also be added as the negative points on their driving license. Reckless driving lawyer in Henrico, Virginia are the panel of well-equipped, professional and experienced lawyers that have been dealing with all the cases of reckless driving violation in Henrico, Virginia.  Reckless driving lawyer in Henrico, Virginia assists and guides the accused of a reckless driving violation and carries out the best research for the providing the best defense. If accused of reckless driving violation in Henrico, Virginia it is very important to consult a reckless driving lawyer in Henrico, Virginia. Because after being accused, you might be called by the local authorities, police or a member of law enforcing agency for the detailed investigation. It is better to get the appointment of a reckless driving lawyer in Henrico, Virginia and get away with this charge as soon as possible. There may be many reasons to get charged with reckless driving violation like:

  • Not following proper traffic signals
  • Taking over a stopped school bus
  • Driving a vehicle with blocked view
  • Passing over any emergency vehicle like ambulance
  • Faulty brakes in the vehicle
  • Racing with another vehicle


Many reckless driving violation offenses are included in Class 1 misdemeanor. The convicted of this serious offense might face harsh penalties such as imprisonment for about 12 months, penalty fines of up to $2,500, about six negative points in the driving license, suspension of license for at least 6 months. Not only these penalties but the offender will also have to deal with a criminal driving record and in Henrico, the conviction for reckless driving stays in the DMV record of the driver for up to 11 years. So instead of facing these charges and penalties, it is better to consult the defense attorney as soon as possible.