Rape Defense Lawyer in Fairfax, Virginia

Rape is known as a sexual assault that involves any sexual conduct and especially sexual intercourse and other sexual penetration, without the consent of a person by means of force, intimidation, abuse of authority and also against someone that is not able to give consent such as minors. Rape is a kind of sexual assault that affects the physical, emotional and mental health of a person. People that are raped are most likely to go through severe traumas and develop traumatic stress disorders.

Kinds of Rape

In Fairfax, Virginia the sexual assault and violence can happen to anyone, regardless of what gender, cast or culture. It is not limited to a specific gender or age. Moreover, rape is a sexual assault and can be of any kind like marital rape, statutory rape or gang rape. Therefore every kind of rape offense has different punishments and different laws.

There are many innocent people that get accused of this sex crime and are charged with heavy penalties. Rape defense lawyers in Fairfax, Virginia are there to help the accused and protect their rights and preserve their liberty.


There can be many factors that provoke a person for such sexual violence like, sexual gratification, anger, frustration, power, and cruelty. Comparing to the non-rapists, rapists are more frustrated and angry at women with a strong desire of controlling and dominating them. They are impulsive, mostly anti-social and possess hyper-masculinity.

According to World Health Organization (WHO), the fundamental factors leading to the sexual assault or rape against another individual are:

  • Sexual purity and family rituals of honor
  • The attitude of a person’s sexual power
  • No legal actions or punishments against sexual assault.

Rape defense lawyers in Fairfax, Virginia examine and evaluate every relevant fact under the light of laws and constitution and carry out the best research for providing the proofs and evidence.

Effects of rape

In the state of Virginia, Fairfax is among the countries with the highest rate of sexual crimes. Especially, rape is one of the crimes that are very common in Fairfax, Virginia. Rape can result in many complications to the victim. Sexual disorders, infections, and unwanted pregnancy are one of the major impacts of rape. Rape defense lawyers in Fairfax, Virginia put every effort for defending the clients by using their professionalism and experience.


The best thing about Rape defense lawyers in Fairfax, Virginia is that they have to face and deal with the challenging rape cases that are not easy to deal with, but still they are always motivated and determined to provide the strongest defense possible.

The offenders of rape are very strictly dealt according to the laws of Fairfax, Virginia. An offender of rape can be imprisoned for up to 5 years and will also be charged with the heavy amount of fine. Rape offense can totally destroy the life of the offender as he will be registered as an “offender of rape” for the life that can badly affect one’s private and work life.

Rape defense lawyers in Fairfax, Virginia makes sure that the innocent is served with justice in this case and his freedom is preserved by interviewing eyewitnesses and researching about every detail about the incident. If you have been accused of any sex crime in Fairfax, it is necessary to contact defense attorney of Fairfax and consult with them as soon as possible.