Laws against Accused Sexual Battery in Fairfax, Virginia

Sexually abusing an individual by forcing, threatening, intimidating or deception against their consent is known as a Sexual battery that is defined under the law of Virginia, code 18.2-67.4. Like other cities of Virginia State, there is a very strict law against the accused sexual battery in Fairfax, Virginia also.

The experienced Fairfax sexual battery lawyers will help you and guide you through proper laws against the accused sexual batteries in Fairfax, Virginia. The experienced lawyers of Fairfax sexual battery attorney will help you to deal and file a report against the accused sexual battery in Fairfax, Virginia and will help you by mounting a strong defense in your favor. The law enforcing agencies in Fairfax take this crime very seriously and make sure that the accused sexual battery in Fairfax, Virginia goes under the legal operations. But the key to get the things in time, is by filing a report against the offender as soon as possible so the legal operation starts. As you file a report against the accused sexual battery, the investigation process will immediately begin.

With the legal procedure, you should also seek help from the psychologists for your self-development and healing process. In order to forget the emotional pain and mental torture, you need to go for counseling sessions where you can discuss everything openly and you can tell about your fears and panic attacks and you will be provided guidance and help to overcome it.

Infected Sexual Battery in Fairfax

If an offender is infected with HIV, syphilis, AIDS, Hepatitis B or other diseases that can be transmitted to the other person and still he engages in sexual activities with another person with the intention of transmitting the infection to another person, he will also be called as accused sexual battery in Fairfax, Virginia. This crime is considered a serious crime in which an offender is to be punished for up to five years in prison which is also considered a Class 6 offense.

Fairfax County Sexual Battery Attorney

Fairfax’s law enforcement agencies and local authorities show no leniency or mercy to the accused of sexual battery. An experienced defense lawyer can also make some changes in the outcome of your filed case and also can help you preventing other penalties and charges that are associated with a conviction that also includes lifetime penalty for the registration of the sex offender, which alone can destroy your reputation everywhere whether its where you live or you work and will label you as a “sexual deviant” or a “pervert”.

Keep no doubts that if you have been a victim of sexual battery, your life will be ruined and your future and reputation has destroyed. It’s better to stand against such crimes and take actions for your protection and liberty. If you have been sexually abused or been a victim of sexual battery, don’t waste any time thinking about what will happen. And file a report against the accuser as soon as possible for the legal actions to be taken. Fairfax’s law has strict rules and principals against sexual battery and no mercy will be shown to the offender.