Is it a felony to leave the scene of an accident in Virginia

Accounts Payable to Virginia Code 46.2-894, If you encounter a presence vehicle or other vehicles, due to your driving force, you need:

Immediately after approaching a scene that may prevent visitors to the site.
The phone call, address, driving license range and vehicle registration area inform the state police or a nearby law enforcement agency without delay (the person is able to provide information and keep the information), the driver or the car will deal with it. Guardian Broken assets; and

Refer to anyone who is injured in the incident with the help of a doctor or specialist, if it is medically necessary or requested by the injured person.

If your injuries require you to meet the above requirements, file a police case as soon as possible, and find the driver, some passengers or guardian of the broken car and ask for a call. , Address, driving license range and vehicle registration range.

If they are convicted, the neighborhoods may seek reimbursement of costs arising from compliance with regulations, firefighting, rescue, and emergency care. (See Virginia Code §15.2-1716.).

Passengers who collide with a vehicle equipped with a car

If you are at least sixteen years old at the time of the passenger accident, in the car at the time of the incident, and the driver is not in a position to reduce the recording and recording, you must make sure the record is made by the police within 24 hours of Twist the fate. Your report should include the name of the driving force and deal with it, along with the cases to be addressed by the force, as noted above.

Driving stats and running with the unattended car

According to Virginia Code 46.2-896, if you are cared for a car or some other non-care features, causing damage to the easiest asset, as a motive, you must:

1. A cheap effort to find the owner or guardian of the asset;

A. If the owner of such an attribute is found:

I have to register the name, address, driving license number and vehicle registration types.

B. If such a person can not be determined:

I must give you a different word or records (your call, counter, driving license limits, and various types of vehicle registration), along with the identity of the driver and a specific area in the twist space scene; and

Second, within 24 hours, you must report the fate of the letter to the police as follows:

1. Your Contact, Counter, Driving License Type, and Vehicle Registration Domain;

2. Date, time and accident events and your description of property damage.

If your injuries prevent compliance with the above requirements, you should send your report to the police as soon as possible and find the owner or supervisor of this broken car and record your call, deal with a variety of driving licenses. And a variety of vehicle registration.

The passenger is in statistics and runs an unrivaled car

If a passenger is at least sixteen years of age, at the time of the twist of fate, he is not in a car and is not driving a waitress, and a cost-effective look for the owner or caretaker of a vehicle or a non-authorized item, or if you need to review the above, You must be sure that the 24-hour report is given to the police after the accident. This report should include the name and address of the motor force, as well as the information to be provided by the vehicle, as stated above.

The driver is in incidents caused by injury or death

Regarding the driver’s responsibilities mentioned above, according to Virginia Code 46.2-371, the driving force of any vehicle that worries about an accident as a result of the injury or death of any person or person acting for him should immediately be charged with an officer Law enforcement Misdiagnosis in the specified report is contradictory to class 4.

License effects
If you are tried as a driver or a passenger in a car accident or accident, the result of a car presence or non-monitoring, which results in assets greater than $ 500, the court may suspend your motorcycle license for up to 6 months. . (Virginia Code § 46.2-901). It stated that if you were convicted as a driving force (now without a passenger) a car in the twist of fate caused or injured others and you did not stop and reveal your identity on the scene Eventually, the DMV will cut off your driving force for three hundred and sixty-five days. (Virginia Code § 46.2-389). If you have used four vehicles to hit and drive a vehicle, either a driving force or a passenger, or a race, the court will be canceled.