Henrico Virginia Marijuana Laws – The Possession Charges

It is a big criminal offense if you possess marijuana in Henrico, Virginia. The authorities of this country take serious enforcement of the Henrico Virginia marijuana laws. The most serious code is 18.2-250.1 and according to it, the simple possession is a crime. The conviction of transportation and distribution of marijuana is also a great offense and it can bring harsh results. Your freedom can also be affected as a serious consequence and your future will also be in danger if you have the possession of marijuana in the Henrico. It will be the best idea. The penalties that can be included in the serious possession can be as follows.

  • The harsh and the serious amount of fines.
  • imprisonment
  • The privileges for the driving can be lost.
  • Services for the community.
  • The loss of student loans and aids including other educational penalties.
  • The person can lose the job and other employment opportunities as well.

Finding an Effective Henrico Marijuana Attorney

It is a crime if the person possesses marijuana either he has done so intentionally or unintentionally. The attorneys will have an extensive experience and they will be able to defend the client well. They are able to assist you in all the stages of the case. You will get the better understanding of the charges you are getting and the possibilities of the defending the case in the best manner. You will also come to know about the penalties of a conviction. All the possible suspects around your arrest will be considered in the best way.

The attorney will check for any possible violation by the police for the fourth amendment. They will check the warrant and any other evidence that can be helpful in your trial.

The Marijuana Possession Charges

There are strict laws about marijuana in Henrico country and the government treats this possession very strictly. The possession of this herb is a serious class 1 crime and it is not just a felony. The prosecutors in marijuana cases can negotiate on other option and alternatives. The attorney can also negotiate to charge a lower crime and it will not come with the serious penalties that the marijuana possession has.

The Difference of Defending the Marijuana case in Henrico

There is a difference in defending the possession of marijuana as compared to defending the other harsh drugs such as cocaine and heroin. The reason is that the attorney can negotiate the resolutions that do not come with other charges as well. The possessions of other drugs such as heroin and cocaine can cause serious penalties and immediate sentence to jail. If you are convicted then according to Henrico Virginia marijuana laws, the long-term implication charge is that your license will be suspended for six months. There are high chances that your license will also be restated. This can result in increased rates of insurance for several years.