Fairfax Virginia Rape defense lawyer

Sexual assault and rape have become common crime these days. The criminals are not afraid of doing this shameful act. In the USA the ratio of this crime has been raised for many years. According to reports about 321,500 people become a victim of the rape and sexual assault, each year in states and in Virginia about 2800 people get victimized by this crime. Although the law defines the strict penalty for this law still rapist do not avoid doing this crime.

The lady or child who gets a victim of this crime must report to the police as well as demand for justice in the court. The defender must hire a rape defense lawyer to get justice. The penalty for this crime according to Fairfax Virginia Rape law is felony 5 that is a prison for five years up to life time depending on the circumstances as well as the severity of the crime.

Hire a professional lawyer to defend the case.

In Fairfax Virginia, SRIS group of law is working for a long time. A number of legal advisers are present to defend the rape case. All are skillful and talented. They have enough experience to help you getting justice. The criminal defendants are always ready to defend against any serious crime. Those who commit this offense and give trauma to other always suffer from severe trauma in their lives. This is our aim to take the criminals to their end.

Working on the case

Our lawyers study the case thoroughly. The main focus is to search the witness of the incidence. They gather all witnesses and ask a different question, discuss the rapist. In this way, the lawyer is able to provide evidence to the judge during hearing sessions in the court.

The lawyer also collects certain evidence along with the witness statements. These include the DNA sampling, collection of semen, and pubic hair. It is the duty of the victim to case the file as soon as possible so that lawyers can collect these evidences. Through this evidence, the lawyer can give a case a strength.

The lawyer also studies the background of the incident, they ask the victim different question about the incident, in this way lawyer can reach to the depth of the case and help the victim in proving the defender innocent.

How to contact

SRIS group of law has the main office in Virginia, Richmond, and Maryland. You can access our office that is nearby your location. come to the office between Monday to Friday between 9 am to 5 pm. Our lawyers are always present to take your case, study it and then take to the court. The best debating power and way to represent the case is incredible, they have the skill to convey the whole matter to judge efficiently, that make the case strong as well as it becomes easy for a judge to make a decision.

Once you handover your case to our lawyers at Law offices of SRIS P.C. you must be tension free as our skillful attorney will help you getting the justice and the victim will get the punishment according to the crime.