Drug lawyer Fairfax

Drug-related crimes are the most common offense in Fairfax as the reports show that about 5,000 people are found to be involved in drug charges every year in Fairfax County. The Common Wealth of Virginia legal system administers the drug-related offenses in Fairfax and is responsible to control the prevailing and use of dangerous substances. The legal system poses severe punishments and fines for this type of criminal offense.

Recent reports have shown that the rate of planted drug crimes and unjustified drug charges has been increased in Fairfax due to which several blameless individuals were charged heavily. If you have been trapped in any type of drug-related offense or planted drug crime, then you must consult with a drug lawyer Fairfax so that he/she may fight against your case and justice may be acted upon you. The drug lawyers in Fairfax County can develop an effective defensive strategy for your case with extra dedication and hard work to protect your rights and interests.

According to the Fairfax Virginia law, there are two major types of drug charges in the county i.e. drug manufacture or distribution, and drug possession.

Drug Possession Offenses

In the eyes of Virginia law, it is not always true that drug possession crime will be implied on you only when you are caught holding the drugs in your hand, but if you are found with a friend possessing the drugs, you will be charged with a criminal offense and help in drug-related crimes. Regardless of circumstances in which a person is charged with drug possession, the law will pose fine penalties on the one who possesses the drugs and the one who is helping him and the person will be categorized as Class 5 felony.

According to the drug lawyer Fairfax “The penalty of drug possession is one to ten years in prison and a fine of up to $2,500 is posted on the offender.” However, the repeat offenders are subjected to more serious penalties that represent the severity and class of punishment are decided by considering all the perspectives.

Drug Manufacturing and Distribution Offenses

The Fairfax common law of Virginia has considered the manufacturing and distribution of the drugs as a more severe offense and heavy penalties are charged on the issue. According to the Virginia laws, every company manufacturing or selling the drugs has to be a registered entity so that governmental authorities may realize the amount of population who has been using the drugs.

The penalties for drug manufacturing and distribution offense vary from five to forty years of imprisonment or lifetime prison with a fine of $500,000

Consulting a Drug Lawyer Fairfax

It is important to consult a drug lawyer in Fairfax. This is because in most cases, the people are fooled by the other party ad he/ she are charged with the heavy penalties or fines. However, consulting a drug lawyer Fairfax will assist you in giving legal replies to the other party and carry out successful negotiations with the other party to make court settlements or any other settings in which minimal harm and risks are involved.